Design and production

Our philosophy : Making design and quality furniture accessible to everyone

We are a team of upholsterers, decorators, and manufacturers specialising in custom, innovative, designer upholstered furniture.

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At Trend Design Diffusion, design and production go hand in hand to offer quality furniture at an affordable price. Our innovative approach combines industrial precision with meticulous craftsmanship. We offer unique and amazing pieces, even in the simplest designs. Our manufacturing process is based on  aesthetic sensitivity, technical skills and the use of high-end materials.

Our team

We place great importance on our team. Our people play a crucial role in creating our furniture. Our designers are committed to offering products at the forefront of technological and ergonomic concpts. Our seamstresses and upholsterers work with the utmost attention to detail to bring your future piece to life.

Quality, price and excellence

This unique combination of know-how and expertise allows us to offer you furniture of exceptional quality. And yet we remain competitive because we would love to hear from you again! At Trend Design Diffusion, your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to achieving excellence at every step of the process to meet your expectations.

Answers to questions you may have:

I want a fully customised piece of furniture!
  • Do you want to buy a customised piece of furniture? We are here to turn your vision into reality.
  • If you already have a clear idea of your project, fill out the contact form to get a detailed quote, but if you’re still in the early stages of your project, schedule a meeting with our team of experts for guidance.
  • Our team will gather your needs, measure your space, and offer concrete solutions suited to your lifestyle and our qualified professionals will guide you every step of the way, from design to final production.

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I want to customise my furniture down to the smallest details
  • From the initial structure to the final touch, we take care of every detail to create a unique piece of furniture that perfectly meets your needs.
  • The painted wood can be matched to your favourite colour palette, while the fabric coating can be chosen from a range of trendy shades.
  • We make zero compromise on finishing touches. The piping details and coloured lines can be added for a refined personalised look. Even the density and thickness of the foam can be adjusted to your preferences. For special requirements and optimal safety, we also offer fire-resistant options.

Don’t settle for the ordinary, create something extraordinary.

What are the production lead times?
  • Wondering what lead times to expect for your customised furniture to be ready? It depends on the complexity of your project!
  • At Trend Design Diffusion, we take the necessary time to ensure that every detail of your new furniture is perfectly executed. If we have a deadline to meet, we will do our very best to meet it.
  • Rest assured, even with complex custom projects, our production process is efficient and fast. For exemple, a chair can be ready in just one day – from cutting the fabric to final packaging. You wouldn’t expect such short lead times!

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Why is it advantageous to buy custom-made furniture?
  • Have you ever come across your ideal piece of furniture, but wished it had come into a different texture? Or wished its size was better suited to your space?
  • With the help of Trend Design Diffusion, you can customize every detail of your furniture to fit your tastes and the exact dimensions of your rooms. Colours, textures, sizes – anything is possible.
  • Custom-made furniture seamlessly fits into your existing living space. We take into account every element, from the tilt of the walls to any floor flaws, so that your couch or table harmonises perfectly with its new environment.

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How much does custom-made furniture cost?
  • With Trend Design Diffusion, each project is unique and deserves our utmost attention to provide you with the most accurate quote.
  • We will take all the necessary time to analyse every detail, from selecting materials to planning a timetable and estimating costs. You will receive a fully personalised quote.

Invest in custom-made furniture that truly matches your demand!

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