About us

Who we are

We are a team of upholsterers and interior designers. We carry out all your custom furniture projects, from the initial design to the final delivery. We create all our products in our factory located in the district of Porto, Portugal.

Unique and custom-made

Our core business is to create unique and custom-made pieces for our clients, including fully customised chairs, armchairs, headboards, benches, and sofas.

Our expertise

  • We are renowned for our expertise in achieving custom-made projects in the hospitality, catering, yachting and decoration fields. 
  • We create your custom-made and unique furniture based on your initial idea and roadmap.
  • In our factory, we make every endeavour to produce high-quality furniture, using first-class materials and complying with the strictest manufacturing standards. 

Ready to work together?

We are looking forward to working on your project to create and produce your dream, fully customised piece of furniture!

Check out part of our manufacturing process:

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